Correct keywords to boost the web positioning of your page

When you want to place the keywords on a site to give a better SEO positioning , it is best to do some research first. There are many ways to conduct surveys for key phrases; When shedding the results, the most common thing is that a website administrator wants to use the ones that have the most demand; Although they do not have to do with the content of the portal. Sometimes, some companies just want to get into the top positions by a word with a lot of demand.

Then a series of tips that will help to clarify the doubts are named how to position on Google using the key phrases and the new sense that they can collect.

Procedures for improving web positioning

You can follow a research model like the following, which is one of the most traditional.

– Choose a keyword.

– Get the demand data, or be the number of searches per month of that word in a specific search engine.

-Market or phrase: If the keyword is the name of a company or brand, or if it belongs to a slogan.

He must create a spreadsheet with words that seemed most important and begin discussing which of them are best and how to make web positioning by them.


You may experience different strategies; Some companies have been able to get ahead and add a lot of recognition by associating their keywords with the goals and businesses they have as a meta-

 Research, compare and select the best option

  • When you have collected all the data, you can take them to the next level. Categorizing and grouping terms that are similar will help you identify topics or subject areas that will define your focus on search engines. By broadening the topics by thoroughly researching you can change the perspective of your site to a more industrial, rather than focusing on only a small amount of audience. You can go from having little traffic, to being one of the biggest sites by placing topics and subtopics related to your portal as keywords.
  • Let’s say you are the owner of a sports club portal. People are always looking for ways to lose weight. At first you can have about 20 keywords related to words like resistance, training, routine, among others. However, using the relationship of themes and keywords you can place some as fat burning, reduce measures, among others, and place general information on them.
  • That’s not all, keyword research can do much for you in advertising both on the net and outside it. In addition, the results can serve to drive new campaigns, or to complement existing campaigns. Some examples of this are:
  • The different demand data validate the customer’s interest in the products or services
  • They also serve to assign marketing budgets to the areas of highest customer interest.
  • It marks the long-term and valid demand data if the recent launch of products or campaigns are taking the necessary strength.
  • Keywords can help you influence the names of your products or even the subject of your next advertising strategy.

It is for all these reasons that the question of how to make web positioning can show a clearer picture to thoroughly investigate keywords. So dare more, take your vision further and make your portal become one of the best.