A Guide To Email Verification Techniques

Email verification has lot of importance, which we all are well aware of, but how many of you are aware of its different techniques that can ease your email verification job.

Simple validation via syntax and more progressive validation through DNS are a few ways through which email verification can be performed, easily.

Are you seeking out for different methods to verify emails that you have received? Well, let’s dig out more details about email syntax and DNS validation methods.

The very first thing that You need to be aware of to verify emails, you don’t need to spend money, since there are lots of free email verifier tools are easily available online.

Coming back to what we were discussing…

One way through which you can verify email is via email syntax, another way for  verifying email is through DNS or Domain Name Service.

DNS resides basically behind the “@” on an email address, for example shows that “” is the DNS tenacity for the email layout.

A DNS validate goes out and checks if this share of the email address is real and actually subsists somewhere in the world or it is simply just a spoof domain.

This part of an email address is much harder to spoof as most other modern email servers get pingbacks, better known as an instant two way “hello” to make sure the sending mail server is real.

Both the methods cover the aptitude to confirm any kind of email. But there are other ways as well for attempting email address verification process, such as email trace or SMTP lookup, but if you use them you might yield even more information than you were haggling for like real names and addresses and even if the front end of an email address is specified or not.

As you can see, email verification can be as modest or as compound as desirable to verify an email address.

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