How to remove content from my site from Google search results?

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This tool lets you erase the contents you want results that Google search yields without removing content from your site or to affect some other function.

What content do you want to delete?

  • I want to delete an entire page.
  • I want to delete the version of the page that is cached.
  • I want to delete the whole site or some directory.
  • I want to delete an image.
  • I want to remove some element related to various Google products, such as YouTube, Maps, Blogger or some other.

The moment you delete a page from your site, it automatically disappears from the results that are thrown by Google search. When Google crawls again and refreshes the index, it will no longer appear. However, it is important to take into account that you may at some point want to delete your site from the search results. This can happen, for example, if you noticed that at some point any type of information or confidential data was mistakenly displayed. To make this process of deletion much faster and more timely, we recommend using the specific tool with which URL removal is requested.

It should be mentioned that, in order to be sure that the selected content has been completely eliminated, it is necessary to carry out – within 90 days – one of the actions indicated below:

  • In case the page no longer exists, you must make sure that the server projects an HTTP 404 code (which refers to a page not found) or a code 410 (which refers to a page that is not permanently available). All non-HTML files (for example, PDFs) must be removed from the server.
  • In case the page still exists, you can use the file named robots.txt. This will not be tracked by Google. If the URL appears somewhere else, it is possible that Google continues to index this page but, do not worry, we will not index it if you block it with the mentioned file and also have a request to delete your URL.

In case you do not do any of these two actions, after a lapse of time, the specified content could appear again in the results that the searcher throws.

Regarding the cached version, when you perform an update on a page, Google updates its index but the stored version can still appear in the results that the search engine results.