Learn more about the importance of keywords in SEO positioning

Strategies to Increase Your Internet Presence

Keywords, in simple terms, represent the way in which users search for content on search engines that exist on the Internet. Thanks to these “keywords” you can see improved SEO Positioning of a page and is one of the most important to choose the type of marketing you will use in your online business methods. Such important information as how to understand the hidden texts can be of great help in the positioning of a site.

These content keywords are the keywords that Google found when tracking your site.

Here are some tips to choose these words in the best possible way:

  1. Be empathic. Think about how a typical user will look for a certain type of content, put yourself in their place and know which keywords to use to make more visitors to your site and more people find what they are looking for.
  2. Choose words accurately. The more you specify, the more likely it is that the person doing the search will be interested in clicking on our site.
  3. Analyze our competence. If we study the keywords they use other websites that have a good SEO positioning, we can have a comprehensive idea about what words could increase visits.

Once they have been checked together with the Search Queries and Entry, this page will give you the most detailed information about what interpretation Google gives to the given content.

If the keywords are the most relevant and important, you will see reflected in the frequency with which is found in the pages of your website. You have to click on the keywords so you can see examples of pages where these words appear. The keywords and their variations always appear ordered according to the frequency with which they appear on the page.

Of course if strange and unexpected words such as “viagra” or “casino” appear, your site has probably been inappropriately accessed (unauthorized access).

In the event that no keywords appear on your site is probably due to two reasons that we will show below:

  • Because Google has not been able to crawl and position all the pages of your site. It is advisable to check the page for errors of tracking. Submitting a site map will also ensure that Google crawls each page of your website. Also, keep in mind that if you’ve updated your site recently, Google has not crawled the new pages.
  • Occasionally, the keyword listing will exclude words that Google categorized as stereotypical text content or very common words.

There are some tools on the Web where you can get an idea of what the most searched keywords are on the internet, so you can choose them better and place them in your content. Remember that using the right keywords can improve SEO positioning your page .

Some of these useful tools are: the tool of Google Adwords with respect to keywords, Google Analytics, etc.