Varying Type Of Sailboat And Its Features

Some people have the wrong assumption related to sailboats and they think that they are almost the same. If you check online you can find that there is a wide variety of sailboats from which you can choose one.

People believe the main factor which can be considered while distinguishing sailboat is size. The feature of sailboat also varies depending on the size. You can buy a sailboat whose features you find best.  

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Different Type of sailboat

There are three distinctive characteristics used to differentiate boats for sailing.

  •    Hull Type (monohull, catamaran or trimaran)
  •    Keel Type (fin keel, wing keel, bilge keel, daggerboard, or centerboard)
  •    Mast Configuration and Sails (sloop, fractional rig sloop, ketch, schooner, yawl, cutter, cat)

The other which distinguish sailboat is the number of hulls. The sailboat with multiple hulls is called as catamarans. Such sailboats have greater stability in comparison to a monohull.

The modern catamarans usually have spacious areas below the deck.  Three hulled sailboats are known as trimarans. These sailboats are gaining great popularity in recent years.  If you want to find better-suited sailboats according to your need then have a look at boats for sale in NY.



You must be familiar with single mast sailboats that are traditional monohull sailboats. Single mast sailboats are known as sloop as they have one mast that is wither stepped to the deck of the ship.

If you want to find perfect bluewater cruiser then read some tips. Even some people are there who are looking for two-mast sailboats. These sails boat is made for longer voyages. Such sailboats are not suitable for local cruising.